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Question about constant intimination
Old 07-12-2013, 08:08 PM
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Last year I started subbing after I completed my Middle School Social Studies/ Language Arts class but my mother passed away and I needed time so I have not completed my Praxis 2 but I am in that process. Here is my question:
I have been in two classes last year where the students have been very, in my opinion, abusive to me. Mostly boys, they beret me and try as I may to ignore them when they get the entire class going I do not know how to get it back in control. Nothing from my classroom management classes ever prepared me for that situation.
For instance, I have had pictures drawn of me in various death scenes. I have been yelled at and cussed at and intimidated by students upset because I was a sub that was making them work- how dare I. Also, many times teachers think that they are leaving enough work for them- I try to have fillers but keeping enough for all grade levels is difficult not to mention the cost I absorb to copy them for those classes. Any suggestion that would keep the cost at the school would be appreciated.
Thank you for your help

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