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Thanks for the responses!
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Financially, I'm not concerned, I'm fortunate enough to be economically sufficient for a while even without a job.

The conversation I had with my retired former supervisor was very telling to me, I worked with him for 3 years (I taught 3 other years in another school in-district) and I was really surprised to hear him speak so vehemently against him.

I do have good references, this will be my 4th principal in 7 years at this district and I know at least two of them, because I've already asked, will give me excellent references.

Another reason IS the dysfunction of the World History group, it's literally two teachers who really don't like each other (for events that happened outside of school and for very personal reasons) and the admin is sticking them together, even though I think there could literally be a physical issue if they work together. And I'm supposed the be the 3rd guy in that mini-department. Plus, frankly, even though I like those guys individually, they aren't teachers I can lean on to help me through.

I have taught that class before and really, really disliked it, for a number of reasons, and I had spoken to my previous supervisor about that several times, which is why he was so angry, because he knows if he had heard that my schedule was being changed, he'd have let me know.
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