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Where should a calm down area be?
Old 08-10-2019, 02:07 PM
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Iíve taught self-contained autism/msd for 9 years. This year Iím moving to a resource position for K/1 and Iím so nervous! I feel like Iím starting over in learning how to support my students needs when they are with a gen ed teacher instead of me most of the day.

I have a million questions, but hereís my first. I have a 1st Grader on my caseload that has autism and is high functioning. No academic concerns (fairly gifted), but receives support for social/behavior. His parents told me at open house that last year he frequently ran out of the room, cleared shelves, turned over tables, and became very aggressive with peers and staff. Last year he had a calm down area in the sped room that he was taken to, but his parents asked that we create a calm down space in his first grade room so that he has to learn to remain in the room.

So, what does this look like? How do I teach the teacher to implement it? Should this be a desk or a bean bag area? How long should I let him meltdown in his room before trying to intervene? Help!

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