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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Thanks for posting!

My class ends at 11:30 and then they go to lunch. Wouldn't snack time spoil their appetite? Also, I know the religion teachers offer snack to them later in the day.

With my block I have them three hours. My plan was to let them go to the bathroom whenever they needed to. But I might consider giving them a short bathroom break before Math. Hopefully, they wouldn't chit chat and take longer?

If I do SS only twice a week it would be Wed. and Thurs. How should I adjust my schedule for the days we don't have SS? Oh, and Math needs to be daily.

Regarding the writing prompt, you made a good suggestion but I want it separate from grammar/essay writing and more as independent journal writing. I did this one year with my 5th/6th class and their end of year writing scores were boosted 40% from the previous year. I attribute that growth to this exercise which they really enjoyed. I could move it to the end?

I put my personal reading time after bellwork and writing prompt to give extra time for those kids that are slower to finish their work. But I'm also open to moving around my independent reading time. Is it best to put it at the end?

How is my balance? What do I need to subtract and add time for?

Thanks again!

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