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This sounds like a difficult job to do if it is a new teacher and a new class. Plus I think Life Skills is hard to do (my opinion).

It is nice of you to want to help as obviously she is floundering. A lot of times schools do not prepare you for this type of class or assume you have some program that covers the day. I have a license in this area but did not feel adequately prepared when I started to teach as they assumed you had a huge budget and programs that covered every student need (ha, welcome to the real world).

It sounds like she has some materials - does she need more and have a budget for them? Could you give her some extra materials or give her a catalog? Is there a program for these students in your district that she doesn't know about?

It is hard to know what to suggest since I don't know the kids' levels. Do they have IEP goals they could be working on in the afternoon?

I agree the admin should be involved but they often don't care about this type of classroom. The mentor needs to help her on a more detailed level if she doesn't have any ideas of her own - she may need to start with something prepared for her.

This teacher obviously needs more hands-on help than she is getting. Whether or not that is right, that is the way it is. At first she needs help filling that afternoon time. Could the kids do literacy (she reads a book to them and they answer easy questions with picture boards), shape bingo or color PE the only special they have - seems like they would benefit from music also.
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