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Have you apologized?
Old 02-03-2019, 08:53 PM
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Like a real, heartfelt, sit-down, one-on-one apology? If you've done that and he's still losing it, then he's just transferring his big, out-of-control emotions onto this one incident. It probably gives him a sense of understanding and control--"I'm mad because teacher messed up my grade" is a lot more rational then, "I'm mad and I don't know why". Nip this in the bud. He needs to get it together or get out. At this point, any rude looks, outbursts, threats, or physical aggression need to be documented. As you would with any other child behaving in a disruptive or defiant manner, follow your school discipline policy. Document, call the office, call home, take away privileges, etc.

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