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Certainly you need this vacation
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I understand how you feel. You could do a short vacation to the beach, or somewhere closer to home, for that matter. What you need is to get away, even for a weekend. You can find deals that will be more affordable. You don't need to bust your budget to do so ether.

We sometimes take small trips to places near where family members live. We stay with them or eat with them to save money and see nearby attractions. Pack water, food and snacks to access as you travel and go to smaller, out of the way attractions. They are sometimes free or reduced admission to get in.

Even your husband's arguement can be overcome. When my daughter was 8 months old, we took a 3 week trip across the country, and I breast-fed so I was about as tied to her as one could get. She loved her car seat and the view it gave her. We did take frequent stops for me to nurse her, but we all needed a break by then. I carried her around on my chest in a pack at the rest stops and at the tourist attractions and she was no trouble. It is much easier to travel with a little one, before they start crawling much, than with an older child. Good luck with your vacation before school starts.
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