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Literature Circles
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

In your original post, you also mentioned specific questions. You might also want to write two or three of these for each chapter...the kind of questions where it takes a lot of thought and time to answer...not just a few words or a sentence or two. I would not have your students answer all three of them...maybe just one of the three...they can choose. Then they could switch papers and read what another classmate wrote or you could put one or two on the overhead/make copies so other students can see the thinking of their classmates.

You might also want to think of some response type questions for when students finish a book. Maybe they could work with a partner to complete a Venn diagram poster about two characters in the book.

If they have read several books, they could choose two characters from two different books, or two different characters from a book they read and a book you read aloud to the class.

Besides the Venn diagram, they could also do a compare/contrast poster about two books/characters/settings, or a fact/opinion poster with a partner.
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