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I had actually never seen it, so I don't have anything to compare. I went with my parents when I was visiting for Christmas. I thought it was decent, B for me. My dad thought the same, my mom thought it was a C.

As a total side note, as someone who had never seen it, it was fascinating to me how many common quips/phrases came from that show. Things I grew up hearing all of the time. It must have been a huge cultural icon!

We also went to the movies when I was home for Thanksgiving. Both times, there were 2-3 other people in the theater. Lots of ads before the movie about "returning to the theater." Looks like not a lot of people are doing that!

My favorite local theater closed during the pandemic, then decided to remodel and was closed even longer. They FINALLY just opened a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited, but now with omicron out there the idea of going to the movies seems less fun...for me snacks/drinks is part of the theater experience, so masks don't work. If I'm just going to watch TV I'll do it for free at home .

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