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I'm not planning to do any subbing. I'm going to continue with my part time contracted position only because the school I am at has capped class sizes at 15, required masks and is prepared to close if necessary. Total numbers are around 100.

But I'm unwilling to travel from school to school in the midst of a pandemic.

Block schedules suck. Only the teachers like them because it is easier for them.
Why do you think this? My experience is that administrators like the block because scheduling is easier and students spend less time in transition, theoretically reducing behavior issues. Some teachers like the block for things like science labs or hands-on projects. Some teachers (music teachers!) really hate the block because it's hard for kids to schedule a performance group for an entire year and because it's not necessarily healthy to rehearse students for an extended period.

I don't know any teachers who think the block is easier, although I can see the advantages for in-school blended learning. Most teachers think it takes more careful planning to avoid wasted time and off-task students.
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