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C2 Student Work Samples
Old 01-01-2020, 08:14 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

Quick question about student work samples for C2. (I am Library Media.)

I know that I need to show the work of two students or two groups of students. However, can the work samples be of different activities?

For example:
Student A Sample 1: Research notes
Student A Sample 2: Canva poster
Student B Sample 1: Written story
Student B Sample 2: Google slideshow

In other words, I am using only 2 students, but the work samples are from 4 different activities. I think this would best show how I differentiated since I did a lot of "voice and choice" in my instructional sequence. Is that allowed?

From my instructions:
"Feature the work of two students or two groups of students in this entry. Select students or groups of students of varying abilities and learning styles. It is important to select students or groups whose work gives you the chance to discuss your own practice. The two students or groups of students you select should represent different student needs, abilities, and interests, thereby posing different challenges to you. Select students or groups of students that allow you to demonstrate your ability to address varied pedagogical strategies and knowledge of content. Remember, you must differentiate instruction for diverse learners."

I am going to try and call NBPTS tomorrow when they are open again, but I am hoping someone here knows the answer!

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