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Hello~~ Is this teacher his case manager?

Did his school have to amend the IEPs to account for the distance learning? Did they change anything? Did they contact you by phone or email to discuss whether you had a device, wifi, time or space for DL? Did you get a new copy of the IEP changes by mail or student backpack?

In MO and many other states, we had to develop distance learning plans for every IEP in our district. There was a new form to complete as well as several places within the IEP where changes had to be made. The new form has two parts--the first part tells the ways we will offer DL, the goals we will focus on (we could reduce the number or breadth if we feel it is necessary or if we feel that goal cannot be addressed during DL,) how we plan to support the student and parent, and how we will assess progress.

The second part is a "living document" that is separate from the IEP--it is left open even after the IEP itself is locked/archived. The second part is a contact log for when and why the school was closed, the method of contact with the student--by phone, Zoom, email, etc., who was reached and a short summary of the conversation.

You might be able to google whether your state requires this. If so, you can contact the teacher separately from the Zoom sessions or lessons. Call or email her and ask to know her plan/conference time. If you prefer to call, I would call then. If not, email her and ask her the plan for your son. She should be able and willing to speak with you about any of this.

If speaking with her fails, then contact the case manager, then SpEd Director or Coordinator for his district. If an amendment was done, you should have been included just as though it was a full meeting.

You could even request copies to see of the latest pieces in his file to see if any changes occurred.

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