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I teach a similar class (older students).

I would first let the teacher know you are available to help with 1:1 sessions if she were to offer sessions. Many families are not able to support their students this way, but perhaps the teacher is open to it if you request it?

Equity is also a big word in special ed right now. This may be a way to make instructional opportunities fair to all.

Like PP suggested you may have a remote learning plan. In our district it is supposed to align with the existing IEP goals and state the mode of delivery (remote or hybrid).

So for example if a student has a writing goal with objectives about letter formation, pencil grip, punctuation and dictating a complete thought we would have the remote plan reflect what we can do remotely.

In this example dictating a complete sentence and determining the correct punctuation mark when read/shown a sentence are on the remote plan.

As far as 1:1 instruction, IME it is not required unless it is explicitly stated in his IEP.

Personally I am teaching 1:1 during most of the school day during remote learning because it works for me and my students and what our district wants the school day to look like.

But 1:1 teaching is not required.

You will want to check the minutes stated in the remote plan or IEP.

From what it sounds like your son is getting about 60 minutes of instruction per day or 300 minutes per week. If that does not appear on the remote plan you have the right to call an IEP meeting to discuss it or ask for an explanation.
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