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Last 10 minutes used for checkout
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I'm used to 45 minutes for a teachable Media Center/Library class. We did a 35 minute rotation whenever school was let out half days or 2 hours early... inclement weather/holidays/snow days.... (the last 10 minutes of each class was used for check-outs...students don't have much time to mess around in choosing books!)

Whichever the case... this is how a typical day goes:

On the morning of the day a teacher's class is due in the library, designated students return that teacher's students' books for check-in. We'd check books into the system and put them on a cart for shelving throughout the day; sometimes helpers would come in and shelve books, too.

At the hour a class arrives, students are directed to put any books that they forgot to return on the Circulation desk for Check-in and then go to the tables for instruction or sit on the carpet for story-time (Pre-K thru grade 3 usually carpet)(Grade 4 and above tables).

You have to keep track of your time, and know that you have about 20 minutes for instruction or stories; 2 minutes to transition into checking out books. The students color-coded library cards were laid out on the Circulation desk for those who remembered to return their books; otherwise, we had a stack of cards of students who would be reviewing magazines or books in the "I forgot my book zone" during check out time. AND you have to keep track of the books that are checked out before you allow students to take more home!

And you and any helpers walk around assisting students to use their shelf markers and select suitable books at their grade level, and hopefully prevent them from re-shelving unwanted books, improperly!

Students are given a 2 minute warning to bring all selections and shelf markers to the Circulation Desk for check out, so as not to keep their teacher waiting.

Disclaimer: I am sharing a link to a .pdf file from 2010 for Harford County Public Schools in Maryland that I found interesting. I have NOT thoroughly reviewed it yet, but I will be doing so soon because I need to set-up a Media Center myself. I am a trained Media Specialist, but this will be the first time that I've had to run my own!

You can Google other sources about running media centers, and calendars of what to teach each month in the library. Generally, start with 'taking care of books' and 'how to use a shelf marker' and 'how to behave in the library' and 'touring the collection.' Your can teach about authors and illustrators, Fiction and Non-Fiction books, and the Dewey Decimal System, scavenger hunts, research, etc.

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