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a teacher who made a difference... how about you
Old 01-10-2021, 06:56 AM
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Good morning to all-

In order to escape thinking about the news from Washington, I have been looking back over my long and checkered career as a student, and I have decided that the teacher and class that made the most difference in my life is not one I would have expected it to be.

First, i expect I learned SOMETHING from all of my teachers- even Miss Skinner, who was a mean old heifer of a third-grade teacher who did not like me at all- but let that go...

In the ninth grade I took a one semester class- Beginning Typing. I sat before an old Remington desk model typewriter the size and weight of a v-eight-cylinder engine and I learned where the keys were and how my fingers were supposed to make them work. Mrs. Rocker was a short and not terribly pleasant lady, but I have come to realize that working with ninth graders will make anyone not so pleasant.

But from the rudiments of typing I learned from Mrs Rocker, I have been able to write college papers, make out job applications, and create book manuscripts. I might have been able to do this all without the typing skills Mrs. Rocker taught me, but I doubt it.

So, here these many decades later, I would like to express again my thanks to Mrs. Rocker.

How about you all? What teacher did the most for you?

good day toa ll- Ed

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