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Clip to ScrapBook #9

Thanks for your input! We do mostly small groups all day. We do daily 5 during literacy centers, math workshop, and during shared reading and writing - we have a mini lesson, and then pull small groups while the other students work independently. The only subject we don't really work in groups is science because we have a short lesson, and then the students break off and work with their partner.

We've tried to mix up our groups (as in we would split the SPED students between us, and also pull a few higher kids to ease the tension in the group), but she's still unhappy with this.

I also had our guided reading groups set up so that we would both see all 5 groups at some point during the week, as per her request because she was feeling like she was always "stuck" with the low guys, but she recently said that she couldn't keep up with preparing materials for 5 groups, so we went back to her working with our 2 low groups, and me with the other 3.

I feel like we are trying, but it's still not working! 😞
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