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The Return: Doesn't Anyone in Power Understand Data?
Old 07-15-2020, 07:17 AM
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First and foremost, I want to wish all of my fellow educators a 20-21 school year as safe and frustration-free as possible. Some of us have it better than others at this point, so it's important to speak up for all educators in the U.S..

I'm blown away by the opinions being expressed by politicians, psychologists, parents and the general public.


That's all I keep hearing. Yes, I understand that. I'm an educator. I'm very well aware that the best case scenario involves teaching students in person, but at this time it's not safe. IT'S NOT SAFE. Period.

Here's what gets my goat about those wanting us to return to brick and mortar:

1. Many states/areas have higher numbers NOW than when we closed down in March.

2. The CDC recommends 6' social distancing and masks. If your district is going for the distancing, do they really think there is enough room to distance a class in a classroom? In my school, our average classroom size is 30' x 27' 6".
Desks are 2' x 18". Do you know how many desks you can separate 6' apart in a room that size? Nine. NINE. I've tried it. So that's out.

3. Okay, let's go with the mask wearing. It's the thing to do anyway because let's be real, we're going to be in close. Oh wait.... some staff and parents are refusing to wear a mask. I know there are some legit medical reasons for not being able to, but most say that because "it infringes on my rights". Well so does wearing pants if you think about it. Fine, so the districts say they are recommended, not mandatory.

4. Wait.... Now Parent B is saying that if Parent A's kid isn't wearing a mask, they aren't sending their kid to school! (and I don't blame them).

5. Even if we all wear masks, what type and how good will they be? We know they're not going to be N95s. So we're looking at medical/surgical masks that are not 100% affective because they don't form fit over the cheeks etc. So there's that risk. Better yet, what quality of masks will our districts provide for us? I hope it 's better than that crappy tape they provide.

6. Let's face it. Children are like bar patrons (and we know how well the bar openings have worked). They are silly people without any personal space awareness. They also have a tendency to play with masks.

7. When I think about being in my school at this time, I think about all the time we will be spending NOT TEACHING. We'll be checking temps as the kids come in. Monitoring distancing and mask wearing (also checking that list of students whose parents forbid it).

8. Oh! Don't forget the bevy of lawsuits that will come from:
a. People who want kids back in school without any PPE or procedures.
b. People who won't send their children unless all children are wearing masks.
c. People who want it to be a choice to wear masks.
d. People who don't want their child's temp taken daily.
e. People who want teachers to provide online learning for their children they are keeping home.
f. People who want the district to provide protective bubbles like John Travolta in that ABC Movie of the Week.

9. Finally, I want one, JUST ONE politician, school board member, reporter, parent and person from the general public to spend an entire day in a classroom with me. They don't need to do anything but watch... and BREATHE.

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