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Joined: Aug 2010
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I think we all know that the traitor-in-chief
Old 07-15-2020, 08:40 AM
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is not thinking of the safety of children, teens, young adults, parents, or teachers. He is only trying to force us all into some type of amnesia-induced fugue state, so we will all buy his giant lie that everything is fine and the plague was just a hoax manufactured by Democrats to foil his chances of being reelected. Now he is actively involved in manipulating hospital data and discrediting the CDC, WHO, and any other sane organization that is trying to give us good data.

Face it: We are all merely pawns in his campaign of delusional self-aggrandizement. He could care less if half of the U.S. citizens die in his endless fight to keep himself president, so that he does not have to face the criminal charges that await him and his ugly, selfish, gross family and friends once we boot him out in November.

Oh, wait. Am I being too political? So sorry.
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