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Thanks for posting this! You have very logical points and concerns. I don't understand the lack of endorsing sound safety and protective measures from some of these professionals who are saying send the kids back to school regardless if it's safe.

My district is going back to brick and mortar and NOT REQUIRING students to wear masks. Medical experts and science say children can be carriers and spread it, and mask wearing greatly reduces the spread. It's not rocket science. Masks are recommended and save lives.

I recently read a news report about the American Pediatrics recommendation for schools. They say kids need to go back to school. I understand we all want that, but they don't seem to care that schools are often unable to implement the guidelines for safe reopening. To them, it's better to have deaths from Covid than to disrupt a student's education and socialization.

Would they go into work without their medical grade gear and spend significant time in small rooms with Covid-19 patients? I don't think so, but that's the fate they are endorsing for school workers. But, it's been a big concern for medical professionals that they may run out of their PPE. But, it's okay for teachers, who will be in close contact for long periods of time with people with Covid-19, to not have the same safety gear they expect and require? Why are these pediatricians wasting PPE if we don't need to worry about children getting sick or spreading it?

Don't they realize that teachers are also caregivers. We come in contact with sick students and are expected to assess their health status in order to make decisions about sending them to the nurse or home. The nature of our job makes socially distancing near impossible. We deal with bodily fluids in our work like they do. But, they wear medical grade PPE when dealing with bodily fluids, but it's okay for teachers to be exposed in the same capacity with nothing more than a piece of cloth?

The American Pediatrics stated, since it's not feasible for schools to space students 6 ft. apart, it's okay for them to be spaced 3 ft.. They also stated, "Teachers should maintain 6 feet from students when possible and if not disruptive to educational process." So, they are saying it's better to put a teacher in a position that could kill them and/or their family members, than have a student disrupted? It makes no sense! Don't get me wrong, I care very much for my students, but expecting teachers to risk their lives and those of their families without the appropriate protective equipment and safety policies is not right. They want the appropriate PPE when they work. Why are teachers any different? There needs to be policies and resources to ensure everyone's safety before students go back to school. Better safe than sorry.
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