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Oh No

Oh No
First year teacher drowning
Old 09-13-2018, 05:57 PM
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Without going into too much detail (because I could go on for hours about it), I am a COMPLETELY miserable first-year first grade teacher. I started the year completely excited and ready, but by week three I started drowning. I have gotten to a point where I am SO miserable that I refuse to wake up and go in earlier than contract time (7 AM) and I refuse to do work much later than 6 PM. Some nights I do no work at all because I spend the night sobbing. It seems like I have two decent days a week and three horrible days. The worst thought in the world to me is to think that Iím just not cut out for teaching. It is just so, so hard with extremely busy mentors and a team that has taught for so long that they make everything seem super easy while Iím struggling horribly. I donít do half of the things my team mates do in their rooms (like centers) because I couldnít possibly do it all without killing myself. They offer suggestions as help, but do not help much with planning or prep. I wake up and go to school every day miserable and pissed off and this is just not how I envisioned teaching would be. I VERY OFTEN want to quit and every day I wonder ďWHEN will this get better????Ē Am I really not cut out for teaching or is the first year just the absolute worst thing ever for everyone?? I hear itís super hard, but no one says youíll become an anxious, depressed mess!

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