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not because its great for your kids and awesome for differentiation. But because it's also time for you to take a breath, get off center stage, take a sip coffee, and refocus. For me, it's also where I pull my challenge kids one on one to have a talk, give a hug, lecture, and do specialized work. I'm a first year teacher too and my centers aren't perfect. I'm doing Daily Five and reading is especially a challenge. But it's better than it was and I need that time.

We're starting our 6th week of school and all of my co-teachers except me were doing math centers by week 2. Math was also killing me because I'd finish my lesson after 20 min and suddenly have 40 minutes to fill, plus that was when I always hit my slump. I decided to just dive into centers. Made a bunch one night. Put them in containers. Took one day to show my kids what to do, and the next day I let them choose them and do the work. (I also make a cup of coffee right before I pick them up from lunch and drink that while walking around looking at their centers and pulling kids)

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