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Setting reasonable limits on the amount of time you spend on school work daily is a great start. You might try making a list of what absolutely MUST get done each day--such as lesson plans or report cards. Get these done first.

Then you can have a list of things that you would like to do (and prioritize them). Things like changing the bulletin board or making a new poster. Do these only if there is time.

Don't evaluate your classroom or your teaching against those of veteran teachers. Would you expect your first graders to write as well as the sixth graders do?

When your allotted time is up, stop. Teaching is the kind of job that can expand to fill every minute of your day and week. Don't let it.

One last recommendation. When your work time is done for the day, do something to nourish yourself. Have a good dinner. Get your nails done. Watch something on TV. Sing in the church choir. Go to a yoga class. Don't waste your time sobbing--you worked hard all day and now it's time for yourself.
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