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You have received some really good advice from others already but I'll add a couple of thoughts...and repeat some.
I just retired after 37 years of teaching 6th grade in the same community. Granted my career began in a different time, different culture, etc. but I felt much like you do when I started. I realized that I while my college courses were of value, my real education concerning teaching was just beginning. Take time to settle in and get your feet on the ground. As others have said, you might want to avoid comparing yourself to people who have years of experience. You will make mistakes-I did right up through year 37- but try to learn from them.
Build relationships with your peers. You need to develop your own teaching style and practices but take bits and pieces from what works for others. You have to be yourself and find your own style.
Try to establish positive relationships with parents. If they trust that you have the best interests of their children at heart then their support is invaluable.
Teachers give more than enough of their time to their job. As others have said, set limits on the amount of time you spend on teaching obligations and definitely take time for you. Participate in hobbies, friendships, relaxation, etc. on a daily basis. I am an outdoor person and was a coach and I found that I needed these activities to help me focus on my work.
Hang in there...we've been in your situation. If you can work through these times you'll be rewarded in times to come.
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