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"I hear itís super hard, but no one says youíll become an anxious, depressed mess!"

Trust me, all first year teachers are an anxious, depressed mess.

The first year of teaching really is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Everybody around you really does make it look easy, and it seems that no matter how hard you work and try, you're just not swimming with the current, you know? It is going to be hard all year long, I'll be honest. You will be so happy to see summer come.

But--and this is huge--it will be easier next year. I said EASIER, not easy. You still will have part of the learning curve next year but the second year is much better, I promise you, especially if you stay at the same school (try to avoid changing schools if you can. It's hard for even veteran teachers to change schools). You will feel much more capable and experienced next year, because you will be. Then the third year is easier than the second, and so on. Before you know it, you'll be counseling new teachers to hang in there and telling THEM that next year will be easier.

I agree; don't worry about centers this year. You could make that your professional goal for next year. This year, just get to June. You WILL get to June. Just know that first year teachers all across the country are ready to throw themselves off a bridge tonight, but next year, you'll all step back from the edge
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