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I also highly recommend Daily 5. While the students are in the D5, you can catch your breath and work with small groups. This is where your differentiation begins. D5 is easy to implement as it doesnít require a lot of prep or materials. You can also do a version of it during your math instruction.

Donít compare yourself to veteran teachers. It is not realistic. They have had years to try different methods and to see what works best for them. However, teachers do love to talk about how they run their classrooms. Find a teacher that you feel comfortable with and ask them specific questions without sharing how you are feeling overwhelmed.

For classroom management, practice procedures until they are following them correctly. Give lots of positives for doing the right thing in class. There are tons of ways to reinforce positive choices from the students.

For co-teachers, I am not sure if you are talking about teachers that push in or assistants. Asking a colleague how they work with co-teachers may give you some ideas. Regardless, parent volunteers can help with preparing activities, copying, laminating and cutting. They can also listen to students read and help them practice math facts.

In addition, I have found it helpful to observe other teachers. Ask your mentor or an instructional resource person if they would watch your class while you observe other teachers.

But most of all, donít be so hard on yourself! There is a wealth of information here and tons of kindhearted teachers willing to help. Look at the first grade board as well. You have support here!
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