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Teach Character and Social Skills.
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You have a very difficult situation, and I don't think I could deal with it. I teach grades 1-5 only, but you can try this. You probably have done these things,also.

Obviously you are aware of how difficult teaching is. I still remind myself to teach the students everything. I try not to lose patience. I teach the students everything , such as personal character, manners, social skills, or whatever they are lacking. Give yourself a minute here and there each time students act rudely to you.

Try not to let them see you get upset, otherwise they feed off it. THIS is difficult to do!

I try to give students an answer or explanation for everything they do, rather than telling them or shouting at them. I try not to ignore tedious things like reminding and teaching students to line up quietly before class, asking for permission, or saying thank you. I try my best to not lose my patience, and sometimes I do. I try to take the time and explain these things to them. This is one way to build relationships.

There are worksheets, activities, and videos on character, child psychology, and behavior skills on the internet. Check it out. Most students don't know who they are.

It is very hard to teach social skills because schools want them to learn the core subjects, but again they will have difficulty learning anything if they have no manners. So I try to sneak this stuff in between lessons and whenever I can. I make social skills part of their Health and P.E. grade.

This means I try to have patience with them. It's very difficult and annoying to remind students to get into a line correctly, but I remind myself that's just as important as a math lesson when students are rude and can't behave. I try to model it and show them.

If they laugh while I am teaching this stuff, then I teach them why it's necessary to act more mature. I mean, if they can't do something simple like lining up or raising their hands before they speak, then learning academics will take a long time coming. Often I have the students practice these things.

When I practice manners with the students, the academics should eventually follow. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. I just try my best. Students might not grow much academically in your class this year, but at least they might learn how to behave a bit for you or for the next teacher.

This is all easier said than done, but what you can do is weave all of these ideas into your core lessons. So don't be afraid to stop a lesson , and explain and showing the importance of sitting up straight or not asking for a restroom break every minute.

I am not friends with my students, but I do my best to teach them. I learn something new everyday, and believe me I'm no expert in child psychology.

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