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sick of vgla

sick of vgla
VA teacher
Old 03-23-2006, 01:11 PM
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In response, I agree that I am sick of VGLA! Our county had an inservice at the beginning of the year on how to help our special ed kids pass it, and our director said, and I quote, "My dog could pass VGLA". I am sick and tired of how hard we work as teachers to go over and above the call of duty to make it look on paper how these 'special ed' kids know the SOLS, which always takes time away from helping our 'normal' students. When is our state going to wake up and start elementary programs for special ed kids that teaches them trades which they will need as life skills? Let us teach these stupid SOLs to the 'average' kids, and quit making us work so hard creating passing scores for those kids who will never have a snowball's chance so to speak.
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