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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I LOVE Words Their Way. We use it in first grade and share kids. The assessment is super easy to figure out what area they need to work on (digraphs, blends, long vowels, ect) and it is easy to go a grade level up or below depending on individual need. I love it because it is so easy to differentiate and because it focuses on the spelling rules. Traditional spelling focuses on kids being able to spell 10 words a week leaving the child able to spell those 10 words. Words their Way teaches the rules and sort. So, regardless of what words are in it, the rule then transfers to other unknown words that they come to in reading. I also love that when introducing magic e for example, the kids are working with both long and short a so they are seeing/hearing/analyzing both instead of in isolation. Or one sort might be ew/ue words with the oddball "do." So, I like that it throws in sight words too that might not fit the pattern.

My kids learned the sort with me on Monday (read though the words, sort on the board, practice writing the word chunk on whiteboards, ect). Tuesday they would cut, sort, and glue the words into their word work books. Wednesday was either rainbow writing, illustrate 8, sentences, definitions (whatever work you think is important). Thursday we would have game day (spelling battleship, sparkle, ect. I have a giant list of games if you want them). Friday we would test! We would also send a hard copy of the sort home on Mondays so kids could practice at home too (there is a parent letter that comes with it I think with recommended ways to practice the sort). We love it at our school!
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