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I'm a SPED teacher, but I know how our interventions work. We used to have 3 title 1 teachers (for a building of about 500 kids). Back then, kids had to be "green" on DIBELS to be exited from intervention.

My school replaced two of the title 1 teachers with instructional coaches so now we only have one and there is not enough room for all of the kids who need it. Now, each grade level meets with the title 1 teacher and decides which kids would benefit the most from intervention. This is looked at every six weeks in data teams and we have to just decide who the top priorities are.

I used to be K-6 (thankfully we hired another SPED teacher a couple of years ago) and I've always found primary to be much easier to work with. They tend to "naturally" differentiate and be more open to suggestions and making accommodations for kids, IME. 6th grade was always awful- they were much more into their content than the actual teaching part, so very unwilling to differentiate because it would "deviate from the content."

Our K team has changed a few times since I've been in the building and they are always the most data driven and get the best results. They are great at really targeting whatever skill the kids need and often share small groups among the grade level so that kids can be in the best group for their needs, and they constantly look at the progress monitoring and make changes as necessary.

We do the early literacy DIBELS tasks. Is there a reason you're not doing them in your building? If you have any influence over that at all, I would recommend doing them. That would give you a good jumping off point and "proof" through data that differentiation is necessary. Our K groups are very skill based- letter names, letter sounds, fluency with letter sounds, blending CVC words, etc. Only the very highest kids are doing guided reading since they already have the other skills, and obviously those kids aren't getting interventions.

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