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I've learned how to streamline and how to create a basic template for a subject area.

For example, in math, I look for the focus of the lesson. Then I find a hands-on introduction using manipulatives, a read aloud math book or maybe a game that reinforces that focus. After that we work a few minutes on fact fluency, and then I teach a mini-lesson, followed by an assignment which involves me circulating and giving help to small groups or individuals. Sometimes I change it up to buddy work or something else, but this is my fall back. My lesson plans for a day take up 4 pages, 2 for the morning an 2 for the afternoon.

And no, very people have the time to write up lesson plans like colleges require during undergrad work for every subject every day.

Seriously, I can't imagine anyone who has taught for more than 3 or 4 years even attempting to write lesson plans of that detail.
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