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I would not say RtI is an intervention in itself, but a framework for intervention. FWIW, RtI is now called MTSS (Multi Tiered Systems of Support) around here. Different states can choose to do things differently, but in my state MTSS is required prior to identifying a student with a learning disability. Lack of response to research based interventions is one of the main qualifiers for LD on our eligibility pages.

Typically, title 1 operates within MTSS because the title 1 teachers are providing interventions. I don't know that you'll find a website/book that says, "This is how you do title 1." IME, each school handles this differently. Do you have a reading program to use? In my area, title teachers often use scripted programs. LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) is a popular choice around here. This year, our school gave up LLI in favor of phonics-based interventions.

At my first school, title 1 was considered "tier 2." Kids had to do at least 2 6 week cycles in title 1. If data showed no progress, they were moved to me as (as the sped teacher) to be a "guest" in one of my groups. If they made enough progress, they went back to tier 2. If not, they were were referred for a sped eval. The schools I've worked in have used DIBELS or AIMSweb to measure progress and kids that are "red" are progress monitored weekly.

At my current school, things are much messier because my school actually has more intervention teachers (apparently we're not supposed to say "title 1 teacher" anymore , but that's what they are) than sped teachers. The difference between tier 2/tier 3 is time and intensity. For example, a tier 2 group might be 30 minutes while a tier 3 group might be 45-60 minutes. The tier 3 group should also be smaller. I do tier 3, but because of the way our school is staffed the interventionists do tier 2 and tier 3 also.

Your state may have some guidelines about what MTSS should look like. You may also want to see if there is another school in your district that has a more well defined process that you could emulate at your school. If it's typical in your district for title teachers to be in charge of MTSS, reach out to the other teachers and see if they have any ideas for you. Is there anyone at the district level in charge of title 1? That person may be a resource also. I think it would be really hard to kind of go in blind and be in charge of it.
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