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Teaching is overwhelming!
Old 09-01-2019, 10:34 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

Even experienced teachers find the job overwhelming! Give yourself a break, take some deep breaths, it WILL all be okay!

I would take some snacks in to the next meeting (teachers love snacks) and thank the group for all their help so far. Remind them ďalthough I donít look like a newbie, I am. But Iím going to try my very best. I know Iíll ask many questions but please be patient. I will get there with your help. Thanks so much guys!Ē And I would occasionally take in little treats for the group (hit the Dollar store). Your kindness will be appreciated.

Also, I would take many notes. Use your phone to take pictures of computer screens, anything visual. Get your notes organized - maybe a binder. Read and date your notes soon after taking them so you can edit them to make them better. Take this binder to every meeting. Make lists to get yourself organized. There are lots of details.

Youíre feeling overwhelmed and insecure. Itís hard to think and operate in this state. So, give yourself some grace. Donít worry about what others think; they were in your shoes once. Just focus on what needs to be done.

We know you can do this! Weíre here for you!
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