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Principal Asking Me to Change Exam Scores
Old 11-23-2019, 09:28 AM
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Has anyone been asked or pressured to change scores for students whose parents are very demanding? My principal has asked me twice now but not openly - he basically makes it a discipline issue and says that he is my supervisor and I need to do what he says, and as a new teacher I am the one at fault. Nevermind that these kids are rude, talk all the time and don't do their work.

Among other things I have found this principal to be dishonest and he is very critical, he does not ever built up but finds fault and when parents have openly attacked or criticised me about their student's behavior he has sided with the parents and has not once supported me in the face of that verbal abuse. I will leave at the end of the year, and want to protect myself in the meantime. He scares some of the staff who have told me they are afraid of him and 'walk on eggshells,' as they wait for retirement so they can leave. It's a small district and I don't think anyone above him would care about this, and I would guess it has been going on a long time before I arrived this August. : (

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