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New teacher advice from old teacher
Old 06-20-2020, 09:49 PM
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Your first priority is to be rehired. Period. If you arenít rehired, you will never have a chance to do anything. SoÖ.

a. Youíre going to stink your first year. Hide it as well as you can. Act
confident. Enter the building every morning with a smile and a
greeting for everyone. NEVER act like you are happy itís Friday.

b. Get a decent briefcase or cloth shopping bag. Come in the door
every day with it. Leave every evening with it. Do NOT enter the
building struggling with big boxes or unwieldy stacks of papers.
Same goes for leaving the building in the evening. JUST THE
BRIEFCASE both times. (If you need to bring home batches of
work, sneak it out and back in. Figure out a way. Do not under
any circumstances look overwhelmed, even though you will be.)

Note: Do NOT use a backpack. A backpack and a briefcase are
not the same thing. A briefcase is professional. A backpack makes
you look like a student. Never at any time look like a student.

c. When the office sends you paperwork, drop EVERYTHING and
complete the office paperwork IMMEDIATELY. Get the paperwork
back to them as soon as humanly possible. Same goes for
emails from the office. The office cares more about their paperwork
than anything else. Let somebody else be the last one in with the

d. ALWAYS be at your duty post, early if possible. ALWAYS. Figure
out a foolproof way to remind yourself. Iím not kidding. NEVER
FAIL TO BE AT YOUR DUTY SPOT! If you are going to be out the
next day, remind the administration that you will be out.

e. Dress neatly and professionally at all times. I donít care if
NOBODY ELSE does. Use thrift shops to find your clothes to
save (lots) of money if you need to.

f. Arrive early, and stay as late as you can without being a fool about
it. If possible, park where the principal can see your car. If that is
not possible, park where an assistant principal can see your car.

g. Try not to take sick days. Donít listen to what other people say
about ďmental healthĒ days. Weekends are for mental health.
Donít miss unless you are truly ill.

h. Donít gossip. Avoid listening to gossip. In fact, donít talk much at
all. Watch and learn. Donít ask questions at meetings. If you
have a questions, ask a more experienced teacher when the
meeting is over.

i. The one procedure that you must have: All students go directly to
their seats when entering your room. MAKE SURE THIS
HAPPENS EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. Even if you canít get the
students to do anything else, make sure they go to their seats
as they enter the room. This one procedure will save your job if
you get a ďdrive byeĒ observation.

j. Never raise your voice. Never yell, under any circumstances.
Always speak firmly and politely. This behavior will become a
habit. Even if students donít pay much attention to you, you will
gain a reputation (it takes time) as being unflappable.
Administrators crave unflappable teachers.

k. You MUST remember that you have to keep your job if you want
to be a teacher, and that it is MUCH EASIER to change to another
district if you have a reputation as an UNFLAPPABLE teacher who
ALWAYS is on duty, NEVER misses, ALWAYS does paperwork
on time, NEVER gossips, ALWAYS has a class that comes in and
sits down, is NEVER overwhelmed, is ALWAYS dressed
professionally, AND can be counted upon to arrive early and stay

l. Treat the secretaries/janitors with great respect. This behavior
on your part will pay HUGE dividends. If you only heed one
piece of advice, THIS is the one to heed.

I do have other tips to help you be a better teacher, and I will share them later, but remember that you CANNOT be a real teacher if you get fired over and over again. Even if you donít know what youíre doing, you
can APPEAR to know what youíre doing while youíre learning how to
become the teacher that you want to be.

My qualifications: 35 years in the classroom. Teacher of the Year in my
building 3 times. Statewide Coach of the Year (all classes) 1 year. Did
not get rehired 1 time (learned my lessons ó and those are the lessons
listed above). Hired or rehired 34 times.

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