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Update to "questions for pull out teachers"
Old 07-05-2020, 01:58 PM
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I've gotten a little bit of information from my district. They are putting together plans for fully remote, hybrid, and fully in person. Almost all districts in the area have announced they're going back fully in person, at least for elementary. Mine isn't announcing until late July because they're afraid plans will change.

It looks like they want kids with IEPs clustered to minimize exposure between cohorts. In some grade levels that would be almost half of the class with IEPs if we have to put them all in one, and it would mean completely redoing the class lists teachers spent a long time on this spring. Sigh.

It looks like our intervention block model won't be happening. They want the groups that are happening to be on a consistent schedule and the groupings not to change. Okay, I can just see my IEP kids I guess, but what happens when new kids get identified? And what happens when someone from a non-sped cohort class gets identified? Do they move gen ed classes? Are we going to accept that kids aren't going to make as much progress because of these safety modifications, or per usual are teachers going to be just expected to work miracles?

If we do pull out, the room must be sanitized between each group. My previous schedules definitely did not allow time between groups for cleaning. I'd have to either cut IEP minutes (we know that will never fly) to make time in the schedule or make the groups bigger in order to still meet minutes yet have time in between groups.

If we do remote services, it looks like there is an expectation that they will be "live" via zoom. That worked really well for the couple of kids whose parents agreed to that this spring. 2 kids out of 25. Again, sigh.

The suggestion is that students in self-contained attend every day if we do a hybrid model. They would be assigned to one gen ed cohort and only attend gen ed activities on the days that cohort is attending.

We got lucky and didn't have to make changes to IEPs this spring. Now it looks like we will be adding "remote learning plans" to IEPs. Great.

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