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So my first thought is I’m so glad I decided to retire this year! Putting all SPED students in one classroom per grade level is a very short term solution as you well know because students are identified throughout the year and most likely will be in different classrooms. My group going into 4th grade is super tough and need to be separated for the good of everyone. Is the gen ed teacher getting additional support (para maybe) to support the high level of needs? Are you being given additional support?

Our strong union would probably fight grouping SPED students in one classroom per contract, but then again I know they are looking for “creative” solutions.

Bigger groups or fewer minutes—neither is ideal and I can’t imagine the pushback and paperwork to reduce minutes. Can you even do bigger groups with the need to social distance?

Nothing is ever easy in SPED! Please take extra good care of yourself, you can only do so much even in the best of circumstances.
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