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Extra support . The education budget was cut by 15% in my state, and we were already incredibly underfunded. I honestly can't believe they didn't get rid of the 2nd sped position at my school. I know for a fact that we have similar numbers to other schools in the district that only have one teacher.

Honestly I think social distancing is just not going to happen. Six feet even with a hybrid model isn't possible unless maybe kids come just 1 day per week or something, and then there is the issue of actually getting kids to stay apart all day. My district wants to have a plan in place for all scenarios, but hybrid models around here have fallen way out of favor as they were very poorly received by both parents and teachers.

It's exactly right that clustering kids is going to be very temporary unless they move kids into the "sped cluster" every time a kid gets identified- which will make things even harder on the one unlucky teacher who already has half of her class on an IEP. A few times we've tried the cluster idea with certain grade level cohorts that happen to have low sped numbers for whatever reason. It's always ruined by October with new kids moving in with IEPs we don't know about right away and new identifications.

One of my major concerns is that different kids will be quarantining at different times. The idea behind the cohorts is that if someone in Ms. Smith's class gets it, only Miss Smith's class has to quarantine and not the whole building. Firstly, does anyone care that I've also been exposed to Miss Smith's class and in turn exposed the other classes I work with? Do I have to quarantine every time a class I work with does? Even if I don't, I'll then be dealing with teaching some of my students online while others are still there in person. District has said teachers won't be doing both at once/there will be dedicated online teachers. In the cohort scenario, a gen ed teacher may have to teach online if her cohort is quarantined, but will only be doing that, not in person also.

I also have major concerns that none of this will be taken into consideration as far as expectations with academic data. We'll be expected to get the same results even though it's impossible to teach the way I'm used to AND do all of these safety precautions at the same time.

Enjoy your retirement! That was good timing!
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