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Are you a gen ed teacher or sped? I'm assuming from your post that you are a gen ed 3rd grade teacher, but perhaps not. And PLEASE stop calling these students babies. They will all act more maturely and be more independent if your mindset is one that assume they are capable of acting like 8 year-olds.

Is the one with the re-eval pending actually receiving the services that are on his IEP? If not, that's the place to start. Insist, kindly but firmly, that he needs those services. If he is receiving services, talk with the special ed teacher and see if she (he?) has suggestions for you for reaching this chinld in the classroom. Likely the school is wanting to wait a little on the reeval to figure out what progress the child makes with appropriate services and school actually happening.

Placing the child in self-contained is not likely at this point.

I'm not clear about the other child. Is he also one with an IEP? Same sort of approach.

Another possible source of help might be talking with the 2nd grade teacher. Find out what worked and what didn't for these students last year before the pandemic.
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