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First, take a step back, a deep breath, and work on changing your attitude to a more positive viewpoint. Try to think of what GOOD things these students bring to classroom first. I know when you have frustrating students that is difficult. But if you can Name a positive trait about them when you start to lose it, can help you.

A colleague had a student who needed a box. His teacher taped a ten foot square around his space, and it was on the side of the room rather than the middle, to give him an area he could freely roam. He needed the movement, but they couldn’t have him everywhere due to COVID. Not that he isn’t allowed to leave it, just that during his restless times, he has to stay inside the lines. They discussed the reasoning with his mom and she was willing to try it. It has worked well, though it is unconventional. A “space to roam” was written into his IEP, so I guess how you interpret that could be interesting.

I would start treating them like their peers. I find that if you treat students with respect and empathy, they will rise up to your expectations. It appears that you are a general education teacher, and I can understand the stress related to having such difficult students.

But the theory isn’t that different with EL students. You have the responsibility to modify work or provide alternative assignments. So go back to what you know they can do with success and start there. Feeling successful, doing well, and receiving praise will grow their confidence and reinforce skills they could probably use practice with. Then move in small paces upward. In language, we say “meet a student where they are” but remember that they “aren’t blank slates.” Is hey have history where they have learned something and it is your job to figure out what they can do.
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