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Hey guys. Sorry about the miscommunication on that post. It has just been a little rough around here lately and I was kind of just screaming into the void to get my feelings out. I didn't think anyone would actually read it.
Okay here is the full deal:

I am a special ed teacher for third grade. We have already been in school for almost a month now (and hopefully we'll stay in school). I have a little girl who is as sweet as honey but she has multiple disabilities that affect her ability to perform in school. The other is a little boy who is also precious but falls under a developmentally delayed category, which it is almost unheard of around here for a child labeled as DD to move on to the elementary school without a reeval. That being said their special ed classification does not define them and I know that. But that also means I have to consider what would be best for each child. And as of right now I do not see either of them preforming well in a reg classroom.

And I am trying to make sure all of their needs are being met. All accommodations are in place. The girl is the only one who has actual modifications on her iep that include lower level assignments and assessments but I do not believe that the boy has been given enough attention by central office to seriously consider where his best placement might be. At the district I work at I am able to spend the majority of the day in the classroom with them and only truly pull out during our "health" class. Which is actually more of a filler class where the school pulls out students for a rotation of the things they need more work on. So reg ed students get divided up for their rotation and special ed go to the special ed classroom to focus more on the goals that have been set for them.

This is typically a great system but because of everything that has happened the last year I now have students who are significantly lower than what is considered average even by special ed standards. And I want to give them everything that they need to be successful but within the time I have spent with them I believe a better approach would be to work with them more on life skills than "book" skills.

Another big issue I have is that the special ed teacher from the primary fought for the girl to be here. And I know and understand that she wanted her here and that she thought she was doing what was best but this little girl has basically become stagnant with her learning. The other teacher claimed that she was meeting all her goals, but I've seen the goals she set. She was in second grade with nothing but pre-kinder and kinder goals. There should have come a point where her goals should have been set higher but it doesn't appear like that ever happened. And maybe they were going to and the abrupt end of the school year messed things up, but even then we left in March. How much higher of goals could have been set by that time for her to be truly ready for a 3rd grade classroom?

And again I love these babies (yes, I said babies. The moment they are assigned to me makes them basically my kids. That doesn't mean I treat them like babies. They have the same expectations as all the other kids in the school. Even if they need a little more help to reach those expectations). But I don't know how to express my fear that these kids are just going to fall farther and farther behind without a more intense intervention than what I can give and still provide services to my other babies. I have been keeping track of all their school work and behaviors (you know, anything that might be abnormal for a child their age), but it just doesn't feel like anyone at central office is listening. I am lucky enough to have administrators here who try to help but without central office putting in the time to evaluate and assess it just doesn't feel like we are going to get anywhere. And that's really why I posted. I wanted to complain without any of this getting back to the higher ups and them getting pissy over what I have to say.
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