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google classroom/sped privacy question (long)
Old 09-15-2020, 05:02 PM
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I would like to hear some opinions on this. In the spring, all of the specialists were added as co-teachers to the gen ed teacher's google classroom, and we posted all of our assignments there. Obviously we only pushed out the assignments to our individual students for privacy reasons.

The issue was that it was a HUGE PITA to post in all of the different classrooms every day. GC has no way to "batch post" like you can in seesaw. So for each class and every assignment, you had to recreate the whole thing, add all of the links, schedule it, assign it to the specific kids, etc. It took so much time, especially for people who work K-6 and were posting in 18 different classrooms. The google classroom feeds also looked very cluttered up with EL, sped, OT, speech/language, mental health, and specials teachers all posting assignments every day.

This year we thought we'd found a solution. In one of our tech trainings it was suggested that we can each have our own google classroom. We would add a link to our classroom in the gen ed teacher's classroom, and this link would only be shared with kids who need it/not visible to gen ed students in the class.

We started doing that today and one of my teammates said that she doesn't think we can do it this way, because when you click on "people," students/parents can see everyone else who is in the class. So if I make a "Ms. Haley's" google classroom, theoretically kids/parents could click on the "people" tab and find out who else is in sped.

I understand privacy is a big deal but this seems like a bit of a reach to me. When we are in person, everyone in the school can see me walking in the hallways with my students. Obviously, many students are also in my room together. Is this really that different? I asked the tech guy if there was a way to hide that "people" tab. He says no, and the suggestion is to do what we did last spring or create an individual google classroom for every student. Definitely will not be doing that.

Honestly it's not the biggest deal to me either way, as I'm only in 4 classrooms this year, but other people who are in more are pretty upset about it.


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