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I can't answer the tech part because we don't use Google Classroom, but I don't think it's a privacy issue. If you were in person in school, the other kids would know who was in their class. I say this as a mother who had children in special ed classes and as a teacher. The only time I might see a problem with it would be if every student in the large class can click into the list of the students in the small special ed class. But if it's only the students in the special ed group that are listed and can see the listing then it doesn't seem like an issue to me.
I teach mild/moderate, so it's different small groups all day and multiple grade levels. So kids/parents could see the full list of students I see, even those in different grade levels or those in a different pull out group than they are in. I have 9 groups, so even making each group their own would be way more work for me.

In the end this may work out in our favor, because without having our own I think there will be less pressure to post a bunch of stuff in GC. I was feeling like I had to use it for every lesson, even though we are in person, and now I feel like I can use the excuse that I don't want to clutter it up, especially if there is no reason to post it in there other than to say I did. We are also doing all services synchronously if we do go remote, so I don't see how I'd really even need it then either. If I want kids to see something, read something, etc. I'd just share my screen or post a link in the chat, not waste time telling them to go get it from GC. We made schedules that we're posting at the top of GC (shared only to that student) so they have all of their zoom links in the event we go remote.
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