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I have a self contained classroom, I have some students who are on general education standards. They are in the 4th and 5th grade they are on a 1st and 2nd grade level. Do you have any suggestions on how to cover their standards? Is there any resources that can help with covering there standards or breaking down their standards? For example, here is an example of a 5th grade and 4th grade science standard for my state.

SCI.5.12- Defend the claim that one factor determining the apparent brightness of the sun compared to other stars is the relative distance from Earth.

SCI.5.13- Analyze data and represent with graphs to reveal patterns of daily changes in length and direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky (e.g., shadows and the position and motion of Earth with respect to the sun, visibility of select stars only in particular months)

SCI.4.12- Construct explanations by citing evidence found in patterns of rock formations and fossils in rock layers that Earth changes over time through both slow and rapid processes (e.g., rock layers containing shell fossils appearing above rock layers containing plant fossils and no shells indicating a change from land to water over time, a canyon with different rock layers in the walls and a river in the bottom indicating that over time a river cut through the rock).

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