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They can get accommodations, but accommodations don't really help that much if the work is ions above your level. For example, changing the background text or size doesn't make any difference if you can't read 95% of the words regardless.

One of the grade levels is doing small groups and the other isn't, but even for the one that is, that's like 40 minutes out of the day and then they have all of their whole group and asynchronous times.

We have done strict standards-based grading for years. They get a 1-4 rating based totally on mastery of each specific standard. Effort, work completion, or progress doesn't really enter into it. Our standards are very specific, and it's very black and white can they do this or not.

I talked to one teacher today who wants to at least cut down the number of questions she's assigning to one of my students. I figured that would be okay, because it's independent work time- whose to say that's all she was able to finish in that time anyway? Some teachers have talked about wanting to give a totally different assignment, which in practicality would be really helpful, but I worry about legal issues since we're not supposed to be modifying their curriculum.
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