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But if the different assignments covered the same standards, wouldn't that be OK?

Granted all of my curriculum is modified (we don't even use common core), but everyone is exposed to the same standard and subject matter.

The assignments are at least different three different levels of expected work product based on how the student can answer (written words, word choice without picture, word choice with picture, picture only, errorless answering).

For example this standard
Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

Level 3 Reads the story independently and types the answer into a SeeSaw assignment.

Level 2 Reads the story with the option of having the story reread to them via the iPad or Epic or a recording in SeeSaw. The student fill out a cloze activity in SeeSaw by dragging the words or pictures from a bank.

Level 1 Has the story and read questions to them and circles the words or pictures in a field of 3 or 4 to answer the questions in SeeSaw.

SeeSaw is a platform I am familiar with, but I am sure Google Classroom and other tech also have these options.

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