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I think you have
Old 11-22-2020, 08:03 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

a lot to work with. Do talk to your supervisor.

With those two degrees and a willingness--an actual preference--to take on EBD, you are worth your weight in gold.

But, I wouldn't rush anything... Grants come and go. If the school district doesn't budget for the extras and eventually the position itself, that SW may be a short time gig.

Also, your bond with the students is great because you DO work with them on many levels. It is not the same as a social worker who checks in, chats a little, and goes away. Being in the trenches together is part of the bond and is irreplaceable. It can't be effectively separated and compartmentalized like that. I think you will find that, eventually, you will be providing in-person services and the SW will be handling the paperwork.

So my advice is to be patient and see how it works out.

Besides, you might like the new deal. As teachers and trench workers, we know we can't provide lessons and do assessments without making connections to our students. All teachers work to connect to some point. You will continue to do that. You also know a lot of the social-emotional comes out as we work together on other things. No matter how the district plans and structures their stuff, you will have plenty of face time with the kids.

Maybe this way though, the District can be the bad guy and you can be the Helper/Rescuer. If someone has to report something, or break a family's trust, or make a referral, it will be the District. You can still be a supportive ear for them. You will still be elbow to elbow with the kids and their families.

Kids are perceptive too. They can detect a phony far better than the average adult. They may need you more than ever now.

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