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Oregon Mrs R

Oregon Mrs R
wow what a long discussion
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I'm very interested in this discussion because I am considering using LC's UOS in my class. Reading through the long thread of comments, I'd say on balance there is as much or more enthusiasm for the program as there are concerns.

As a 4th grade teacher, I'm responsible for getting my students ready for state assessments, as well as helping them grow as writers. Our state and district have no adopted writing curriculum. Our district adopted HM Reading a few years ago, which is a program that has writing embedded. It didn't take long to see that it wasn't working for writing. Since then, we have been gathering programs/models/data etc. to support writing instruction--so we are borrowing, blending, and recreating wheels.

I've been reading the UOS manuals this summer, like what I see, and have already started my own writers' notebook (I may already be part of the cult). Anyway, I plan to combine the UOS model of WW with the 6+1 model, and throw in some Step-Up to Writing too. Somehow, I see how the three connect, but I'm probably crazy to think that I can learn and use all three in the time I have (our schedules have been blocked so heavily with reading and math, we have only 30 minutes a day for writing).

Any new program or model will be a hard sell to some teachers. I usually find that patience, effort, flexibility, and willingness go a long way toward making any program successful.

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