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Clip to ScrapBook #11

Lots of turn and talks, white boards, using post it notes. I have sticks that I pull and then I simply call on the kids who aren't raising their hands BECAUSE they aren't raising their hands. I do it because I know they don't know what is going on and I want to show them how to do whatever it is were doing.

I have some very quiet kids in my groups. It can be hard.

Also fostering a classroom full of it being ok to make mistakes is important. I use tickets and will give students tickets just for trying. If you raise your hand and participate, even if it is wrong I will give you a ticket and praise you for trying (I work with many ED/BD kids.. so this is necessary). I also point out when I am wrong and when I make mistakes so kids know that it is okay to make mistakes. At this point my kids will say.. Mrs. S... it's okay EVERYONE makes mistakes..

Some other ideas I've used are..

- having all kids stand up and they can't sit down until they participate.

- giving kids coins for participating and then breaking them into groups and making it a competition to see who will participate and get the most coins first. (They love this one because it makes it into a game.)

- on Schoology I post discussion boards and project it.. everyone has to answer and then we go through it as a class.

- think-pair-share

-focus on asking questions related to your instructional objectives

- look - lean - whisper

- when a student can't answer a question.. instead of moving on or giving them the answer.. I follow up with another question to try and help them get to the answer (look on p. 3)..

- anticipate who will struggle and modify the questions I ask so they feel confident in asking a question and getting it right. I've noticed that many kids who don't participate .. will participate when they are given a question they know they can answer and it will be correct.

- tell everyone they HAVE to participate but let them know that it is okay to summarize what someone else has said. For my higher groups after we read I give them discussion guides and have them lead the discussions.

Do you prepare the questions you are going to ask and the answers in advance?

Good luck!!!!!!
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