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another math family fun night!
Old 03-22-2007, 12:59 PM
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I have a Fun Night coming up...I am riding in on the theme the Title 1 Reading teacher did in the fall...she had an all-nighter on a night that the meteor showers were out...So, I am doing an hour, hour and a half Math Night Among the Stars.
Activities so far:
1. Ordered Pair graphs for some constellations.
2. Asteroid toss (Through holes in a refrigerator box rocket) (Addition of points, comparison with others.)
3. A game that I am making up based on "Get Off My Bridge!" Involving counting on, counting back...I think I will call it, "Shoot for the nearest Planet" or ...if I am in a certain mood, I am tempted to say "Get Off My Planet!" ()
4. Cover the rocket with Attribute blocks
5. Make a rocket with Interlinking Plastic triangles.
I am looking for different idea...anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks, RRay


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