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Clip to ScrapBook #3

but SIOP strategies are SIOP strategies:

Provide a vocabulary list for her for every unit or investigation that is more than the one the other kids get. She's going to need help with a lot of words they won't.

Pair her with a native speaker as a partner. Choose someone who is a good student, patient, and nice. It's better to have more than one student she can partner with.

Do group/partner work as much as possible.

Avoid the use of idioms.

She should get a shortened assignment. Have her respond to the most important points of the lesson, not the nuances.

She should receive extra time for assignments and tests.

If possible, if her language acquisition is still really low, she should have her tests translated, or a translator to test her orally.

On the state test, she should have extended time and oral script.

My school is full of ELL kids, so we use SIOP strategies everywhere.

And finally, here is much more than you ever asked for on the subject, but maybe some of it will be helpful to you:

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